T.R. Red Skies is a very old blog …which unfortunately was lost when Gaxonline went under. As such, you won’t be able to find any of my older posts. I weep to even think about it. So …to prevent that from ever happening again I host my own blog now. If you ever perused articles over at Gax or WordPress, you will find them here.

As a blogger, I’m just an ordinary gamer who likes to share and discuss his opinions about the things I play. I’ve grown over the years and I hope that maturity is reflected in the changes my blog has undergone over time. If you would like to link to my site, feel free — as long as it is a website focused on video games. You may contact me directly via email: doone at trredskies dot com.

About More On That

More On That is kind of a sub-site. It’s a section of this blog which focuses on nuance within topics on video games. This feature is for greater, wider exploration of the issues that affect gaming. The social ones. The ones involving race, sex, gender, and politics. It’s heavily moderated, not for censorship but for sanity. I want all my readers to feel safe and comfortable, even at the expense of disallowing some others to vent or direct their anger/resentment. Those emotional expressions ought to be reflected on personally, not publicly.

It’s true I could have continued to tie those issues back into main articles, but I’ve found that to not be sufficient. It doesn’t allow some issues to get the discussion they deserve and opens the door to too much whimsical commenting by people who, expecting only to read about the surface of games, will post surface-like comments to issues that don’t deserve such a cursory dismissal. More On That is about giving more on that. It’s about intelligent, open, public discussion in the gaming community about stuff. It’s my way of taking it seriously instead of doing lip-service-like posts that only scratch the surface and which don’t provide a sound context for discussion.

It’s also true I could have just made a separate blog, but I think that goes around the point. To make a separate blog is to attempt to separate things which aren’t separate in order to placate readers. I do want to maintain your attention, all of you who have read this blog over the years. I don’t want to shy away from keeping the intersectionality of social topics on the front page. Games, unfortunately, are not immune to, nor do they exist separate from, our very lives. This is too apparent to try to give explanation to; look around at all the gamer blogs which at some point visit these problematic issues of race, sex, gender, and politics. These things are inseparable from the way our games are made, delivered, and profited from. It will not do for me to make a separate blog and deny offering the community an additional place to safely discuss these things. Instead, I can continue to post my general commentary on games while offering a space for those who are comfortable and curious to dive deeper into the very same topic. I’ve opted for width *and* depth on this blog, a range that allows readers to comment on as much or as little as they like.

Finally, I don’t merely want to discuss these issues. I want to learn. I want to get feedback and comments from other gamers on just how good or bad my point of view is. I need to see how others think and I need to offer opportunities for others to learn, not just myself. I don’t expect this blog to start teaching players anything, but I do expect to add to the discussion and continue to bring civility to it, give it the attention it deserves. I hope someone *does* have their eyes opened by being able to see the various perspectives involved – I hope to have mine opened too. I do hope that any one of these articles and the discussions that follow can be a teaching moment, an opportunity to get someone who hasn’t seen these issues quite this way before to start to see them. And then to question them. And then to go out and seek knowledge about them. They may even return to these pages to let others know that they’ve changed, understand, and/or simply share their experiences.

More On That is focused on giving more on that. I really hope you all will engage with it.


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